Titanic Hourglass

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Introducing the Titanic Hourglass, a timeless piece that elegantly captures the essence of maritime history. This exquisite hourglass features a stunning gold frame that encapsulates the clear glass vessel, filled with mesmerizing purple sand. As the sand gracefully flows from one chamber to the other, it evokes a sense of nostalgia and the passage of time, paying homage to the iconic RMS Titanic. Perfect for any collector or history enthusiast, this hourglass is not only a functional timepiece but also a beautiful decorative element that adds sophistication to any space. Whether placed on a desk, bookshelf, or mantle, the Titanic Hourglass is a conversation starter that combines historical significance with classic design. Enhance your collection with this unique and captivating piece, and let the spirit of the Titanic live on in your home.