Limited Edition Titanic Coal Coin


Coal Coin in Jewelry Box


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I have been a Titanic fan since 1962 when I read about it in my Encyclopedia Brittanica as a child. Now, 60 years later, I have something which was actually aboard that ill-fated ship. To actually touch it knowing all of the tragic history it represents makes the stories and movies about it become real. This is a very sobering artifact. It should have been used to help fire the boilers back in 1912, but now it is in my hands as a reminder of that tragic night of April 15, 1912.
Posted by William Rooth, 15th Sep 2022

Titanic Coal Coin is awesome!

I received my coal coin and it is beautiful! I love it and I'm so glad my husband got this for me!
Posted by karen, 25th Apr 2022

Titantic coal coin

The coin is very nice. Our 6 yr old Nephew is very into watching shows about the Titanic. We bought this coin for his collection. He absolutely loves it. Highly recommend for any collector.
Posted by Beth, 25th Apr 2022

Coal Coin

Wonderful product. Good price and well made. Slightly eerie to own something that was onboard that fated ship.
Posted by William Mann, 9th Feb 2022

Titanic Coal

These items are very unique and were given at Christmas to dear friends. They were interested in finding out more about the store and its contents.
Posted by Nancy, 15th Dec 2021

Coal coin

Very nice. Not light weight. Solid and classy
Posted by Jacqueline Johnson, 20th Aug 2021

Coal Coin

The Titanic Coal Coin is a great keep sake and I will treasure it always.
Posted by James Petruzzelli , 23rd Mar 2021