coal snowglobe 60 mm with ship


60 mm Snowglobe featuring a piece of authentic coal recovered from the wreck site of the RMS Titanic along with the image of the ship approaching the iceberg. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.



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Titanic Snow Globe

I'm thrilled with my Titanic Snow Globe, a collectable with a sample of coal from the ship displayed on the base. I collect Snow Globes but favor something unusual or historic, and this is both. I heard about it, and other Titanic store articles, from a newspaper article on the Titanic. It's a little smaller than I thought, but the price was fair and I'm very happy displaying it with my collection!
Posted by Renee SD, 29th May 2020

Coal! I mean, Cool!

When I was 7 in 1987, I became fascinated by the big ship at the bottom of the ocean. Now, having a kid who is 10, we both share a fascination for the Titanic story. She is going to totally geek out this Christmas to know she has something from the actual ship in her possession!
Posted by William Fogelsanger, 27th Apr 2020

Snow globe

I bough this as a gift for my best friend. It was a relatively small globe however I expected it to be as the coal is relatively small object. I think it's a perfect peice of home decor/history and plan to buy one for myself soon.
Posted by Nicole , 10th Dec 2019