Coal Hourglass


RMS Titanic Coal Hourglass - Includes a piece of authentic coal recovered from the wreck site of the ship and black sand inside the hourglass. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.


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Titanic Hour Glass

I just received it & I’m very pleased with the quality.
Posted by Nancy Mcknight , 7th Jan 2023

Coal Hourglass

It's really great to have something from the Titanic. The Coal Hourglass really is amazing and great thing to have in my collection. I have seen The Titanic Exhibit Museum in Las Vegas at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. It was really amazing and fun to see the artifacts from the Titanic. I really enjoyed it. Mark
Posted by Mark , 17th Dec 2022

Coal Hourglass

Just what I wanted. Unlike the coal coin, which would just stay in the box to be looked at occasionally or forgotten totally, the hourglass sits in plain sight on my desk for constant view. Not too large to take up significant desk real estate.
Posted by ROBERT BINZ IV, 1st Jul 2021

Titanic Coal Hourglass

I love the Hourglass! Very well made product that consists of a black sand filled hourglass and holder with a piece of titanic coal embedded inside. Nice remembrance of Titanic and a nice way to display Titanic coal! Also comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Posted by Anthony L. DiMattia, 22nd Jun 2021

Love the Titanic Hourglass.

It really takes two minutes for the coal sand go through.
Posted by Cody Smith, 9th Jan 2021

Super cute

This is super cute, it is a small little nicnack thats good for your shelf or desk. I love that it comes with a certificate of authenticity. Feels like it's worth the money.
Posted by Makenna Allen , 10th Nov 2020


Great product would purchase from this store again!
Posted by Timothy, 11th Aug 2020

I am in love!

I absolutely love Titanic and have ever since I was very little. When I received my package (on time, I might add), I broke down crying. The hourglass is beautiful, the small piece of coal perfectly preserved and immaculate. 10/10 will be purchasing from this store again! Thank you so much for fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine!
Posted by Holly, 9th May 2020