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On October 11, 1975 at 11:30 p.m., NBC viewers who tuned in to the network's new late night show saw a sketch featuring John Belushi repeating, in a thick foreign accent,nonsensical phrases about wolverines being read to him by head writer Michael
O'Donohue. Abruptly, O'Donohue clutched his heart and collapsed onto the floor.
Belushi paused, raised his eyebrow, and then did the same. Posing as the stage manager,Chevy Chase entered the set and feigned confusion before breaking character andannouncing to the camera: “Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!”
Now, as SNL celebrates its 40th anniversary, TASCHEN brings you the ultimate
tribute to the show. To research this book, editor and author Alison Castle was given
not only full access to SNL's archives, but also the rare opportunity to watch the cast
and crew at work. She spent the better part of season 39 in the trenches, learning how
everything comes together in just six days for the live performance. Part encyclopedia
and part behind-the-scenes tour, Saturday Night Live: The Book covers both the
making of the show and its remarkable history.
Features include:
Over 2,300 images from SNL's archives, many previously unpublished
An illustrated breakdown of the 6-day week at SNL through the years, with an
expanded section for the live show
Seasons reference guide with complete cast, host, and musical guest lists
Exclusive interview with founder and executive producer Lorne Michaels


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